Digital Library

Digital Library:

The library is the cornerstone of GITAM's education system.The library functions as an excellent resource center, for students to pursue their academic, research and training interest. The latest Books and materials in the fields of Management, Engineering, Computer and allied disciplines are subscribed to the library on regular basis. The Highlight of out library is the Scholar Cell which is designed to broaden the knowledge of the enthusiastic students through advanced learning. The library also has a spacious and environment friendly reading room which can accommodate many students at a time. The library is supervised by a Committee consisting of the Professor in Charge of Library, the Head librarian, two Assistant Librarian and one photo copy machine operator.
The library offers at presently 21 User Computers that are on the GITAM network for users to access internet, online journals, and other databases. The computer facilities are provided for academic work only.
3 photocopy machine and separate Colour Scanner and Printer are installed in the library all the times for use of the faculty and library staff.