Rangoli Competition at GITAM College

On 6th of April 2024, a vibrant and colourful Rangoli Competition was organized at GITAM College, Bhubaneswar. The event aimed to celebrate the traditional Indian art form of Rangoli and provide a platform for students and staff members to showcase their creativity and artistic skills. The competition witnessed enthusiastic participation from individuals across different departments and disciplines. The Rangoli Competition commenced with an opening ceremony, during which the rules and guidelines of the competition were explained to the participants. The event was conducted in an open-air space, allowing participants to unleash their creativity on a large canvas. The Rangoli Competition at GITAM College served as a colourful celebration of creativity, culture, and community spirit. The overwhelming participation and enthusiasm displayed by students and staff members underscored the success of the event in promoting cultural inclusivity and fostering a sense of belonging within the college community. The Rangoli Competition not only served as a showcase of artistic excellence but also as a memorable cultural experience for all involved.