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Guardians Meet

Why is it necessary?

Parents are the ultimate beholders of a child’s success and therefore it is important to get parent’s perspectives for the faculty, guide or proctors in any educational establishment. The ‘Guardians meet’ essentially symbolizes a communicative assessment of the students’ academic progress, performance and discipline through meetings.

What we do?
  • Welcome guardians to come to the institute and have one-to-one meeting with the Director-Academics and Departmental HODs for various issues relating to their students.
  • A meetfor parents is conducted byevery department once a year. The guardians of students attend the meet and discuss widely about the issues in a common forum to address all the grievances relating to their wards’ academic and personal problems.
What we have done!

A comprehensive report of the guardian’s meet of 2022-23 is given in details here under. The guardians meet was scheduled from 06-01-2023 to 11-01-2023 and one hundred twenty six (126) guardians reported for the meet. The date and number of parents present in the meeting held for each department for 2015-16 is mentioned below.

Sl. No.


Date of meetings


Civil Engineering














Important inputs from guardians:

We had received following valuable suggestions from the parents.

  • Individual guidance for the students
  • PTM should be conducted once in a year
  • Handling of students complains
  • Proper communication with parents
  • More technical training for students
  • Helping students for training and internships
  • More focus on over-all development
  • Extra classes should be arranged for the weaker students
  • Arrangement of placement for pass-out students

Advice to Guardians:

The following advice’s/suggestions were given to the parents towards their wards academic growth and all round development.

  • The guardian should advice their wards to attend all classes without skipping a single one.
  • The guardian should watch out and follow up their wards activities at their living places beyond the curriculum hours.
  • They should also come to know about his wards friends circles and types friends they have.
  • They should have constant watch on the proper utilization of money they provide to his child for expenditure every month.
  • They should also look into all the bad habits if any, beyond the college hours and dissuade them from such habits.
  • They should encourage their children to be quite open with themselves about all personal and academic matters.