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Being a professional, technical institute we do understand the importance of co-curricular activities of students since it helps immensely in the all-round development of the students.

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GITAM Engineering College Bhubaneswar


Gitam provides separate hostel for boys and girls for comfortable living of the students. Room size 10’ x 10’ with attached latrine bathroom and furnished with ITALIAN tiles and marvels with 24 hours water and electricity supply. Each room is two seated only .Gen Set is provided to each hostel. The hostels are provided with Plasma TV, GIM, telephone, magazines and canteen facilities, first Aid. Special coaching is provided in the off hours if necessary by the subject faculties.An MBBS Doctor visits 5 days a weak to the hostel campus. Emergency vehicle is there for 24X7 hours. Experienced hostel wardens are deputed for each hostel to tackle difficult situation that helps to maintain an atmosphere of tranquility and safety for all inmates.We also have introduced hostel tutorial services in which faculties stay in evening hours to guide students



  • Co-operate with officials to help to keep the area clean and hygienic for healthy living and maintain a peaceful atmosphere at all times.
  • .Co-operate with officials to help to keep the area clean and hygienic for healthy living and maintain a peaceful atmosphere at all times.
  • .Report to the Hostel in Charge if any problem is confronted by any of the inmates.
  • .Bullying or ragging in any form (verbal, physical and mental) will not be entertained. If it is noticed, it will be dealt firmly.
  • .The student must not be in possession of any kind of cigarette, beer, alcohol, Gutkha, drugs or any type of undesirable items.
  • .Students must get out of their bed in the morning before 5.30 AM.
  • Students must switch off the fans and lights before leaving their rooms.
  • Student must report in writing to the Hostel in Charge if any carpentry/electrical repairs have to be done in their cubicle/room.
  • Students must obey the hostel staff/teachers at all times.
  • Moving out of the campus without permission, skipping meals, not reporting on time is strictly prohibited.
  • Reporting time to return to the hostel premises is fixed at 6.30 PM every day. Visitors are not permitted to enter into the rooms. They will have to sit in the lobby/ visitors room.
  • The college will not be responsible for the loss of any valuable item that includes cash, Jewellery, cell phone,laptop etc.
  • Any health problem of the student should be brought to the notice of the college management immediately through the hostel superintendent.
  • Only those relatives whose name feature in the visitors’ list as local guardian can take the student outside the hostel with prior permission of the Superintendent.
  • No student shall remain absent from the college without prior permission (in written) of the warden concerned.
  • No student should entertain any unauthorized guests.
  • Student shall be responsible for the furniture fittings and fixings of the rooms allotted to them and in case of any loss or damage to the furniture or other articles, the amount will be deducted from the hostel security deposits.
  • The students are not allowed to remove or tamper with any fixtures form the dining room, common room or the visitors’ room to their own rooms.
  • Use of any unauthorized electrical gadgets like Heater Geyser, CD player, Television is not permitted in the room.
  • Only one guest can stay with the resident student for a maximum period of 2 days at a time with prior permission of the warden.
  • Any type of marking on hostel inventory/ walls etc will be treated as an act of indiscipline.
  • Meetings, seminars or gatherings are not permitted in the hostel/ campus without the permission of the warden/ chief warden.
  • Cell phone is allowed in the hostel only between 9.30P.M to 11.00 PM everyday.
  • Study hour should be maintained strictly.
N.B- Violation of any of the above mentioned rules and regulations will be treated as gross misconduct and appropriate action will be taken against the student immediately.
GITAM Engineering College Bhubaneswar