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Being a professional, technical institute we do understand the importance of co-curricular activities of students since it helps immensely in the all-round development of the students.

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GITAM Engineering College Bhubaneswar

Department of ECE

Scope of Electronics and Communication Engineering is vast because modern technology uses electronics, chips, transistors, fiber optics etc and you know that an EC engineer deals with all of these and it is applied in almost every field such as such as telecommunication, satellite, microelectronics, technology etc are all based on electronics engineering. Electronics has also helped in developing health care, automation, signal processing etc. Number of students taking this subject with a hope to be placed in different sectors like automobile, medical field, communication, Government and private sectors for the maintenance of electronic items, Electronics Industries, process Industries, space and other research organizations and most importantly in Information Technology which requires thousands of graduates every year. What we do in GITAM, develop the skills of students to meet the global needs, their practical skills on electronic devices, offer and encourage them to take up challenging project works, regular industry visit, to attend summer training camps to get knowledge of the advancement of recent technology. We also do organize short term courses, seminars, and workshops with the help of eminent professors of repute which help us to stand apart and in a dominating position.


 Basic Electronics lab
 Analog Electronics Lab
 Digital Electronics Circuit Lab
 Microprocessor and Microcontroller Lab
 Analog Communication technique Lab
 Communication Engineering Lab
 Microwave Engineering Lab
 Digital Signal Processing Lab

Ongoing Research Work

 Antenna Beam farming
 Bio Medical Signal Processing
 Censor Network
 Speech Signal Processing

GITAM Engineering College Bhubaneswar