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Being a professional, technical institute we do understand the importance of co-curricular activities of students since it helps immensely in the all-round development of the students.

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GITAM Engineering College Bhubaneswar

Department of Basic Science & Humanities

The application of fundamental scientific principles to creative invention in the field of technology is arguably the primary mission of engineering education. Therefore education planners are putting great emphasis on producing engineers who should be able to meet the demands of present working environments besides having technical abilities. This creative thought has made Humanities and Sciences along with social and basic science to become more prominent in the technical curriculum.

Presently the standard of a technical institute id judged on the basis of the quality they have maintained in Basic science. We have taken great care in establishing the department of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. hiring the best in the field concerned. We are very fortunate to have received the services of the best scholars from reputed Universities, IITs, and NITs.

Most of the reputed employers of the modern day Organizations need a host of other skills in a candidate along with the core engineering skills. We do understand the importance of soft skill — and good communication skill in English language along with some other important ones such as making negotiation, group working and behavior, quality consciousness, cost reduction, group leadership, professional ethics, managerial skills including personal management etc. A number of employer surveys have brought out that, the employers also want a strong ability in engineers


 Physics Lab
 Chemistry Lab
 English Communication Lab
 Corporate Readiness Lab

Ongoing Research Work

 Nano Science and Technology
 Operator Theory
 Cross Cultural Communication
 Business Communication
 Linguistics and Stylistics
 Translation of Odia Classics
 Engineering Economics

GITAM Engineering College Bhubaneswar