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Being a professional, technical institute we do understand the importance of co-curricular activities of students since it helps immensely in the all-round development of the students.

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GITAM Engineering College Bhubaneswar

Department of CSE

Computer Science and Engineering is a discipline, which is constantly making a parallel statement with the future, presenting scholarly challenges and developing new information at a regular basis. May be for this reason and in the last few years, this discipline has been a favorite with a mounting number of students who have taken this branch as their first choice., Amazingly this branch has been the most sought after course at the Undergraduate level. In spite of the options such as other core disciplines like Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or that of Electrical Engineering, students with high scores have chosen to opt for Computer Science and Engineering. Besides good career opportunities, and remuneration. the study also offers students great research facility in different fields. Computer Science and engineering graduates can choose their career in different areas. The strength of this department at GITAM lies in the quality of teaching staff, well equipped lab and research facility that help students immensely to work on advanced areas such as web applications, computer graphics, video games, enterprise computing, embedded systems, network administration, mobile applications, computer versions, computational biology, super-computing, scientific modeling, computer security, database systems, animation, wireless network, artificial intelligence, core companies, computational skills, computer manufacturing, computer programming. bank sector and many more.


 Internet Lab
 Programming C. and C++ Lab
 Design and Analysis of Algorithm Labs
 Networking Lab
 Computer Organization Lab
 Operating Lab
 Research and Development Lab
 Java Lab

Ongoing Research Work

 Soft Computing and Al
 Natural Language Processing
 Image processing and Pattern Recognition
 Search Engine Optimization
 Wireless censor Network
 Cryptography and Network Security

GITAM Engineering College Bhubaneswar