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Being a professional, technical institute we do understand the importance of co-curricular activities of students since it helps immensely in the all-round development of the students.

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GITAM Engineering College Bhubaneswar

Computer Lab


Number of Configuration of systems
Core 2 Duo:                       177
Server                                04
Printer                              18 (10Laser jet, 3 Inkjet, 5 Dot-matrix)
HP Scanner                     01
D-Link Router                  01
Wireless access Point 07
Lease Line Modem       01
LAN Switches               15
Total Number of Systems connected by LAN: 100
Total Number of Systems connected to WAN: -
Internet Bandwidth: 2 Mbps (1:1) (BSNL leased line)
Major Software package packages available: Turbo C-3.0, ORACLE-10G, Window-2003, Server, Windows 98, Windows XP-SP2, MS office 2007, Linux (Free O.S), Adobe Photoshop
The whole campus is now having WI-FI connectivity.
GITAM Engineering College Bhubaneswar